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I stumbled upon this earlier today.
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Things That Must Go!

Things That Must Go!

There is a local radio station that has segment titled “Things That Must Go”. I thought I would add my own list here.

1.      People who cut in line.

2.       People who go to slow, when you’re in a hurry.

3.       Forgetting my doggy bag at the restaurant.

4.       Blind dates.

5.       My Computer now working.

6.       My Friend’s borrowed computer‘s internet not working at school.

7.       Getting my windshield replace, then having a rock crack it on the way home.

8.       Phone’s battery always dying.

9.       My dog being out of the yard for a whole two minutes and the neighbor calling the dog catcher.

10.   The $80 dog ticket.

11.   Bad photos of yourself, they should all be good.

12.   The mice in my house

13.   Forgetting your best friend’s birthday.

14.   Not able to find your glasses after you take out your contacts.

15.   Hand dryers in public restrooms, sometimes you need a towel.

16.   Downloading the wrong song on iTunes.

17.   Forgetting to turn the sound off on your phone prior to going to class.

18.   Forgetting to turn the sound back on your phone.

19.   Your printer running out of ink, while your printing.

20.   Not getting the canopy in my back yard, down in time before the storm destroys!!

Thora Bott

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Thank you Drake for making popular in house holds all across the world, hands down the worst acronym known to man kind, “YOLO”!! This is one single phrase that can literally make me want to punch myself in the face no matter what my mood is. But there is always some good that can come from every horrible situation. With help from the great play of Phillip Rivers this last week on Monday Night Football, losing 34-24 while leading 24-0 at the half, YOLO is quite comical with the facial expression given by Rivers in the photo. 
From lockouts, strikes, replacement refs, bounty projects to contract hold outs, the NFL has seen some major issues the past couple years when it comes to the game. Finally we can enjoy the rest of the 2012 season without any interruptions. Almost as much as we can enjoy the terrible play and calls from the past 6 weeks! 
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Why is it that animal Memes always get people to laugh? You can find home made cat movies all over youtube. Some of which that have over a million views. How is that even possible? Is it because people always try and relate to their pets? Or maybe is it the idea that we personally make our favorite animals have human personalities. 
I currently have a roommate that is making his girlfriend a 30 minute video of her two dogs. In the movie the dogs have word clouds and are communicating with us humans. The weird thing about it is, I find it awesome! I wish my dog could talk to me like in the funny television serious “Wlifred” or in the movie “Up.”
If you haven’t seen that show or movie, go watch it on Netflix tonight! It will without a doubt make you laugh. Enjoy your week and your day!
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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hold a ‘Heist’ on hip hop

Macklemore x Ryan Lewis: The Heist (Deluxe Edition) Download iTunes

Hip hop artist Ben Haggerty also known as Macklemore comes from what is known as “his city” of Seattle, Washington. Macklemore grew up on Capital Hill in Seattle and started his music career in high school. Later going on to graduate with a bachelors degree from Evergreen State College and picking up a job at a juvenile detention facility helping youth use music as an alternative. 

Being one of the biggest fans the Mariners have ever seen, him and Ryan Lewis performed My Oh My, a tribute song to the late announcer of the Seattle Mariners, Dave Niehaus on opening day of 2011. Recently named to XXL Freshman class cover of 2012, him and Lewis followed up with the next best thing hip hop has seen with their new album The Heist. This highly inspirational album covers controversial topics in todays media. I suggest you all give this album a valid listen even if you don’t like “rap” music. This self made and created duo gives proof that hard work and great talent goes a long way.


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There’s nothing better than a great picture to brighten your day. With the development of Instagram over the past couple years, this has let people document their life from expressing emotion to just a day in the life, all through a simple image.
"A picture is worth a thousand words," a term coined by Fred Barnard explains this image perfectly. Every time I see this picture posted it instantly brings a huge smile to my face. You can’t help but laugh when you see that pour little guy and the expression of the two babies faces. Put yourself in the shoes of the happy baby on the left and hypothetically play out the scenario in your mind, then try and tell me you didn’t let out a small chuckle.
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So You Missed the Bus Again?!!

So everybody hates Mondays…. I think that my son’s school, which is Provo High, has finally figured it out.  For those of us who are parents know how much we hate it when our children miss the bus. When they miss, you have rearrange your whole schedule, by either dropping everything your doing to getting ready for the day and run them to school and then come all the way back home or the alternate is hurry up, get ready and rush out the door and take him or her to school and then by that time they are late. Of course Monday’s suck and for our family it was the most missed bus day.  After a long weekend and of being off schedule, children seem to get off schedule even in that short amount of time.  So when Monday comes around it’s a dreaded morning, up early and hit the ground running.  Most schools in district, probably all of them, has an early-out day where your child gets out early one day of the week for teacher prep time. Which of course, when they were younger, I would forget and they would be stranded waiting for me!  My son’s school has cleverly decided that instead of having an early-out day, they have changed it to a late-start morning and to make even better, they have made that day a Monday!! How awesome! It must be a mother who made that changed! Even though it the actual time is only 45 minutes later. That 45 minutes makes a world of difference not sure why, but when I set my alarm on Sunday night,for some reason, I almost look forward to setting the alarm, knowing that I don’t have to get up as early, as I will on Tuesday.  I am sure the thrill is just really a trivial thing to most, but I hate getting up in the morning, and so this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, well almost.